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Special Forces Sergeant Scott Klinger – Retired Intelligence Sergeant, Weapons Sergeant, and Infantryman from the Army 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) and founder of Cheyenne Mountain Arms LLC, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Cheyenne Mountain Arms offers high end custom firearms and gunsmithing services. Sergeant Klinger has been reviewing and testing Shooter’s Gold for the last twelve months and has switched to using Shooter’s Gold exclusively for all of his production and personal firearms.

Our Tapping & Machining Background

Our grease is manufactured by Tapit All Lubricants known for their Tapping and Machining paste. This machining paste is a bio-based grease designed for the machining of different types of steel, but excels in difficult materials such as Titanium, Inconel’s, Hastelloy, etc. (www.tiapaste.com)

After finding success in the machining and tapping industry and with a passion for the outdoors, we decided to start a new adventure. We developed brand new grease designed to maintain the favourable qualities of the tapping paste but modified to meet the needs of today’s outdoorsman. These greases are known as Shooter’s Gold and Angler’s Reel Gold.

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